Sai Kung Beach Boys Football Club raises money for YAMA Foundation

Sai Kung resident Catrin Anderson, an Ambassador for the YAMA Foundation and now SKBB FC’s latest Ambassador looks on as the Sai Kung Beach Boys and guests go through a yoga workout.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, would certainly have agreed with that assessment had he watched the old fellows (and some not so old) from Sai Kung Beach Boys Football Club  (SKBB FC)  don their trademark pink and black kit to raise funds and awareness of the YAMA Foundation’s good work.
The event was initiated by Sai Kung resident Catrin Anderson, an Ambassador for the YAMA Foundation and now SKBB FC’s  latest Ambassador.
The Downward facing dog, Plank, Triangle, Tree and Warrior were among the poses which instructor Hersha Chellaram, a co-founder of the organisation, introduced to the footballers during the fun 30 minute yoga and meditation session at Wai Man Road pitch opposite Sai Kung pool early on Sunday morning 18 March.  The early morning workout raised HK$4,500  for the YAMA Foundation,  collected in donations made by the SKBB players for the pleasure of stretching their bodies.
Judging from some of the confused looks, it was the first time for many. But, thankfully no one suffered any serious injuries or fell into a deep sleep during the meditation, enabling them to spend the rest of the Sunday morning in pursuit of the round ball.
“We are so lucky to have been given the opportunity to do some good. Welcome to the club Catrin. You are one of us now,” said club chairman Kieron Combes.

Nineteen-year-old Catrin, who has cerebral palsy, looked on throughout the session in the company of her parents Kim and Richard. Catrin said: “I practise yoga and meditation regularly. It helps my mind and body to relax. Anyone can do it.  Other people of all abilities can start now to feel good.”
The YAMA Foundation is a non-profit organisation that makes yoga, arts and meditation accessible to all of Hong Kong’s underserved communities.
All funds that were raised during the event will be used to provide a YAMA programme for a Care Home supporting adults with special needs in Hong Kong.

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