Paul Letters and son create amusing podcast teaching kids history

Paul Letters is “Dad” and James Letters is “Me” in this fun, educational podcast series: Dad and Me Love History. In each episode, James and Dad will answer one of the big questions from history, in a pacey 15-minutes full of entertainment and insight.
Paul is a part-time history teacher at King George V School, and he writes wartime novels, contributes to various local newspapers and magazines and presents on RTHK Radio 3. James is a Year 4 student at Clearwater Bay School who loves history and sports.


Helping the duo out are two other Sai Kungers. Molly Austin is an alumnus of KGV and a graphics graduate of Central Saint Martins of the University of the Arts, London. She designed the podcast cover artwork, and her portfolio can be found at Alexandra Carlile, of Alexandra Carlile Photography and the founder of Sai Kung Mummies and Sai Kung Helpers for Helpers Facebook pages, took the publicity shots (including the one featured here, outside Sai Kung’s temple).
The show aims to get 5-12 year-olds – and their parents – away from screens. The first four episodes feature:

  1. The Most Important Question in History*
  2. Was the Great Wall of China built by an awesome leader or a crazy dude?
  3. Why was the Roman army so awesome?
  4. Who’s the best ever? Mr Lego v Mr Disney

*For a kid
For the uninitiated, podcasts are like pre-recorded radio programs, and they are free. Type “Dad and Me Love History” into the podcast app on your phone or use any of these links on your laptop: Stitcher, iTunes, SpotifyPodbean, Tunein, Soundcloud
Click “Subscribe” and every future episode will be automatically downloaded (for free, remember!). Each episode is peppered with jokes, music and funny sound effects and comes with notes that include six or seven comprehension questions, such as these:
Questions for teachers/parents to ask the kids:

  1. Where does the name “China” come from?
  2. How many towers does the Great Wall of China have?
  3. Which of these was not made of terracotta clay for the emperor’s tomb? soldiers / horses / chariots
  4. Before the First Emperor, China used to have different types of coins in different cities. What shape did Emperor Shi Huang make all Chinese coins?
  5. Who throws the cat out of the room?
  6. Over 700,000 workers made what for the First Emperor?
  7. Can you name a difference between an archaeologist and a historian?

These questions can also be found on the webpage,
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Podcast cover art by Molly Austin of
Photograph by Alexandra Carlile Photography

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