Late night accident near Tai Mong Tsai causes long delays: three injured

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Photo: 賴南秋

Around 10:30 pm last night, 22 March, a serious traffic accident occurred along Tai Mong Tsai Road, close to the car park area. A Yamaha MT-03 motorcycle was travelling towards Sai Kung town centre when the driver suddenly lost control and crossed into the opposite lane. The 46 year old cyclist rammed into the front of a Mercedes-Benz car, flew into the windscreen  and fell to the ground, causing serious injury and coma. It was reported that the victim sustained head, arm and leg injuries. He was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where he returned to consciousness, and was admitted to the hospital for check-up.
Photo: 賴南秋

There was a driver and two passengers in the Mercedes car, including the 62-year-old driver and a 60-year-old female passenger who both suffered minor injuries and were sent to the Tseung Kwan O Hospital by ambulance. The car had a Hong Kong Polytechnic University car park sticker on its windscreen, but no further details are available at the time of reporting. The police are investigating the incident. The video of the accident can be found here: 西貢Benz電單車互撼 鐵騎士昏迷
It is understood that before the incident, the motorbike rider and 8 friends we cruising the country park and then returning to the centre of Sai Kung. When they reached Tai Mong Tsai, the motorcycle involved in the accident suddenly went out of control and crossed into the opposite line and crashed into the Mercedes. Witnesses say that the bikers were travelling too fast around the bend when one lost control.
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Photo: 賴南秋

The road was closed for over an hour, causing long queues and delays backing traffic up to Mak Pin. It took an hour for tow trucks to arrive, according to postings on social media, with the Fire Brigade having to sluice down the road owing to spilled petrol.

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