If you care about over-development and environmental despoliation join Friends of Sai Kung on Wednesday

by Trevor Bailey

John Wright, Chair, Friends of Sai Kung                  Photo: Pacific Chambers

“My heart bleeds.” These are the words of Maureen Siu on how over-development is wrecking the beauty and tranquility of Sai Kung. If you agree with the former District Officer, turn up at the Friends of Sai Kung annual general meeting on 4 April 2018. You can join the many activists who will be there.
Friends of Sai Kung (FSK) has been led for many years by barrister John Wright, who is chairman. He has offered to stand down to give fresh blood a go, but nobody comes forward. John doesn’t mince words. He has told BUZZ the Government uses “spurious figures” to justify development of village enclaves. Politicians and officials manoeuvre “by stealth” to push new housing projects. John warns of “massive expansion” of building in country parks. Environmental issues also get him steamed up. Septic tanks are being installed all the time too near the sea and wetlands. The multi-coloured recycling bins around town and in the villages are “a facade”.
FSK will meet at the Village restaurant in Sai Kung from 7:00 pm on Wednesday. John will stand as chairman, but key positions need to be filled, secretary and treasurer. Membership of FSK is $100 a year. Seniors and youngsters pay $50. Everyone will be welcome and you can pay membership at the door. If you can’t attend the AGM but wish to support the campaigners in their work to preserve your community, send a cheque to FSK, PO Box 45, Sai Kung Post Office.

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  1. FFS. MS never gave a damn about SK. She met with FSK once, we discussed our concerns, drafted the meeting minutes and never heard any more from her.