Fay Jai, Sai Kung's number one canine character

Fay Jai at his favourite spot near Tin Hau Temple

For new residents we introduce Fay Jai, which means Little Fat Boy. He is now the town’s most popular dog since the passing of Yung Yung. The latter was the black, tubby Sai Kung pedigree who ambled amongst the traffic on Chan Man St as if she owned the place. She lived, or was fed, at the corner vegetable shop. Fay Jai and Yung Yung were the town’s most high-profile dogs until Yung Yung died of old age about a year ago.
Fay Jai is still with us, we are pleased to report, photographed at his favourite spot where the footpath bends between Chairman George’s new building and Tin Hau Temple. Fay Jai, too, is getting old and is now deaf. His companion is a metal fabricator sometimes to be seen near Fay Jai working on the pavement. For many years residents have observed the habits of Fay Jai and his companion. The latter would drop Fay Jai off from his truck in the morning and leave him at his customary pavement spot. Later in the day the man would turn up with the truck at Yi Chun St, and call, “Fay Jai!” Fay Jai would leap into the truck’s cab and they would share lunch. Then the dog would be left at his corner to watch, and be watched by, the passing parade. Around 6pm his companion would return with the truck, Fay Jai would jump abroad and they would go home together. This routine continues, with variations, old-timers in town are happy to observe.
Quote from the FT Weekend: “We humans think we selectively bred dogs to love us. In reality, dogs selectively bred us to love them.”

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  1. Fay Jai is Milky’s idol. Whenever, Milky met Fay Jai, Milky become crazy and spining around and around, playing bow to invite Fai Jai to play with her.