Engineer and former Sai Kung resident Geoff Daniel dies suddenly

Former Sai Kung resident Geoff Daniel has passed away, according to his wife Jane. Geoff was a transport engineer who worked in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the UK. His last position before retirement was chief electrical and mechanical engineer at the MTR.
Geoff got our attention when he stood at an AGM of Friends of Sai Kung to tell the gathering that the MTR would one day come to Sai Kung. It was the obvious answer to Sai Kung’s transport problems. He said the Wu Kai Sha line would be extended — you can see at the end of line how provision for this has been built — tunneling through the hill to a north Sha Kok Mei bus terminus. Geoff also had many answers to the perennial rush-hour Hiram’s Highway jams: commonsense things apparently beyond the ken of burons such buses and mini-buses only allowed to stop at lay-bys, a permanent trench dug on the side of the highway for utility services, the no-injury rule (after an accident if no one is hurt drivers are required to get vehicles off the road) and so on. Geoff was a regular at the Thursday lunch of old-timers who solve the district’s problems over a stiffener or two. He was a good conversationalist, so it was always a pleasure to be in his company.
Geoff and Jane moved to Arundel, West Sussex a year or two ago. On Saturday we are told Jane came home to find Geoff collapsed, unconscious, at the bottom of the stairs. Sadly, he didn’t recover. His many friends and acquaintainces in Sai Kung are today mourning a quiet, affable, pleasant man with an admirable professional record and family background.
Jane’s message: “My lovely husband Geoff Daniel passed away unexpectedly on Saturday. Rest in peace, my love.”

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  1. Very sad to hear this news and our thoughts are with Jane and family.
    We bought our house in CWB off them and Geoff (a fellow Cornish man) was a lovely man.
    Rob and Kim
    Clear Water Bay

  2. Does anyone have a contact for Jane? I knew Geoff and live in West Sussex, so if possible I would like to get to the funeral, if it’s not too late. David Sorton