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250 km run through Saharan sand dunes to be attempted this week by local athlete

Competitors cross the dunes of Merzouga,

Marathon Des Sables – Ouarzazate, Morocco                           Photo: My Best Runs

Sai Kung runner Dan Segal heads off to Morocco this week to take part in “the world’s toughest footrace”.  If it isn’t that, it’s close. About 1300 men and women will slog through Saharan sand dunes for 250 km in the Marathon des Sables. They must carry their own food and equipment in a backpack for six days, beginning 6 April. The longest section is 84 km. Only water is supplied by the organiser, Atlantide Organisation Internationale, as well as goats’ hair tents where competitors sleep together.  This is the 33rd Marathon Des Sables, which has led to the deaths of two runners.

Marathon des Sables                              Photo: Steveston Athletic Association

Dan takes on this epic as a personal challenge but also to benefit children’s charities, St Christopher’s, Changing Young Lives Foundation and Society for Relief of Disabled Children.  If you would like to back him and the charities, go to

Good luck, Dan the Man.

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