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Three vehicle smash at Pak Kong flips car


Photo: Christopher Fung

At approximately 2:00 pm yesterday afternoon, a private car was hit by a light goods van and flipped over. It came to rest in the middle of the road with the front damaged. The 63-year-old driver was trapped in the car and had to be cut free by a fire crew. He was sent to Tseung Kwan O Hospital for treatment.

The car was driving along Hiram’s Highway towards Sai Kung, while a light goods vehicle was driving in the opposite direction towards Kowloon. Another was driving a car along Pak Kong Road towards Hiram’s Highway. At the junction, that car collided with the first car, that flipped and rammed into the light goods vehicle.

All three drivers passed an alcohol breath test. Owing to the accident one lane of the Highway was closed for about an hour causing massive traffic jams all the way from Sai Kung town centre in one direction to Pak Sha Wan in the other.


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