Where is Sai Kung's pride today? Why have powers-that-be allowed The Square to fall into disgrace?

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  1. Would like to mention Julie that in HK the ‘people’ are NOT in power. Only a select, vetted few have any input on civic affairs, including the appearance of the parks, walkways and overflowing rubbish bins. Those power-folks don’t really care about the dirt in SK coz their personal fortune and pension is tied to the dictates of the impotent top leaders of HK, not to the welfare of the locals. I do hate to say it so openly but you, and all who think the HK people have any sort of civic power, are totally wasting personal energy.

  2. Yes, I have noticed graffiti on the walls. I don’t think we had this before? And it’s true that said Kung town isn’t being maintained. We should bring this to the attention of the responsible Government department.

  3. I totally agree. All the dreadful plastic fencing which serves no useful purpose other than to line the pockets of the LCSD suppliers should be removed.
    LCSD, FEHD and AFCD should co-ordinate their cleaning action or use the same contractors. At present FEHD clean opens spaces and ignore flower beds, LCSD do the reverse and AFCD are supposed to clean BBQ and picnic sites.