More disruption at Pak Tam Chung Saturday 10 February owing to hill-race event

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Residents using the Pak Tam Chung entrance to the Country Park should note that the MSIG50 50km Sky Marathon will start at Pak Tam Chung at 6:30 am, with the 22 km race at 7:00 am and the 12 km race at 7:15 am. Residents and visitors are expected to face road closures and disruption from 6:00 am onwards.
As the 22 km and 12 km races also end at Pak Tam Chung with an expected run time of 8 hours and 5 hours respectively, drivers should be aware of runners on the road all day, especially along Pak Tam Road and Tai Mong Tsai Road.
Photo: Action Asia Events

The route for the 22 km race takes in Pak Tam Chung – Tai Mong Tsai Rd – Pak Tam Rd – Lok Wu Trail (293m)  Tai Mong Tsai Rd – Pak Tam Rd – Lok Wu Trail   – Chek Keng (sea level) – Tai Long Au – Tai Wan Beach – Ham Tin Wan – Lo Tei Tun   – Sai Kung Sai Wan Rd – Pak Tam Chung.
smig route
The MSIG race routes

The 50 km race has a run time of  11 hours and follows  the route Pak Tam Chung – Tai Mong Tsai Rd – Lok Wu Trail – Chek Keng – Tai Long Au – Tai Wan (sea level) – Ham Tin  – Lo Tei Tun  – Chui Tung Au – Sai Wan Shan  – Lung Ke  – East Dam  – Pak Lap – Tin Hau Temple – Chau Tsai – Sai Kung Man Yee Rd – West Dam – Sheung Yiu Country Trail – Pak Tam Rd  – Pak Tam Country Trail – Pak Tam Au – Ngau Yee Shek Shan  – Cheung Sheung – Wa Mei Shan – 3-Ways Junction  – Kai Kung Shan – Sai Sha Road – 3-Ways Junction  – Pak Tam – Pak Tam Chung.
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