Market at Hang Hau re-opens as far more attractive place for shop operators and customers

It is hard to believe that a Hong Kong wet market could be described as splendid, a joy to visit. Go take a look at the new market at Hang Hau, re-opened on 30 January. After total renovation it is brilliantly lit, aisles are wide, goods are beautifully presented and you can see the happiness in the faces of the customers and stall holders.  There is some criticism, however: regular visitors say the number of shop operators has gone down and the prices have gone up.

This lady’s beaming face sums up the attitude amongst stall holders to their new place of business

Now the Link REIT property near Hang Hau MTR is called Tseung Kwan O Market. It has lovely design touches such as wall greenery and the overall impression is of a welcoming brightness and warmth. A BUZZ team visited when the new market had been open for just two days, congratulatory bouquets were everywhere and pride in their new places of business was written on the faces of the stall holders.

Peter Thuler, who lives at Clearwater Bay and uses the market a lot, said, “It is indeed nice. Upside, it is more bright, wider alleyways, less pushing and shoving, better presentation of goods. Downside, the number of sellers is reduced and it all looks like Wellcome or ParknShop.”
Catherine Chong, a BUZZ team member who does the shopping for her family, said, “It is great. I am going to go there a lot in the future.”

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