Admirable entrepreneur with one of Sai Kung's littlest shops

Flora Lee may be the ultimate do-it-yourself entrepreneur. In her 12 ft by 3 ft shop everything is hand-made, mostly Flora by herself. When she rented the tiny retail space six months ago she made the shelving herself sawing up wine boxes. Flora winced as she told us how hard that was. The shop is called Made By Me and you will find it at Tak Lung Back Street. It’s not the alleyway running between The Picture House and Chairman George Ng’s new building, it’s the next one over towards the sea.

Flora Lee’s products are all hand-made by herself or others

Her best selling product appears to be portraits of pets that she paints onto bags or cushions or whatever you want. Send her a WhatsApp of your animals and she will paint them for you. As a birthday present we ordered a bag (Flora made that too) with a young woman’s three cats and a dog on it. A week later it was ready. $350.

Flora creates decorative cushions, candles, dolls, baby shoes, necklaces and purses (made of coffee bean bags). Go visit her at one of Sai Kung’s littlest shops and you will be greeted with a big smile.
You can reach the Pik Shui Tsuen resident at 6183 8069 or  Also you can see some of her creations at

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