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Doggie prams harm animal’s health and ruin quality of life, says former SPCA boss


Credit: Bravo TV

Walking dogs in prams is wrong, bad for the animal’s health and bad for its quality of life. This message comes from no less an animal authority than the former chief of the SPCA*, Dr Pauline Taylor. A veterinarian, Pauline is now managing director of Pets Central.

A reader of Sai Kung Magazine asked Pauline through her column, “Will my dog become lazy if I start using a doggie pram?” Pauline’s reply deserves to be widely circulated. Print out copies and give them to misguided people you see mindlessly and insensitively walking their sad mutts in prams.

© pic by Brian Cassey

Credit: Brian Cassey

Here’s what Pauline wrote:

“Are you serious? There is no place for a doggy pram unless you have a disabled or elderly dog that cannot or will not walk on its own feet. Dogs love to walk and get immense stimulation from their surroundings. By subjecting your dog to a doggy pram you are depriving your dog of so much including exercise, smells, social interaction with other animals, and leaving their own messages along the way for other dogs to pick up. I cannot recommend a pram for a dog unless it is unable to walk by itself. Doggie prams are gimmicks and unnecessary as far as I am concerned in day to day normal doggie life. In addition they promote obesity, isolation from other dogs and may even cause fear in some dogs who develop behaviour problems as a result.”

Pauline’s message should be spread throughout the community, including to people who carry their dogs all the time when they take the animals out.

* Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


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