Wellcome supermarket to close after Chinese New Year, alert reader learns from Dairy Farm

Photo: Google Streetview

The big Wellcome supermarket in Sai Kung will close after Chinese new year, Graham Eckersley, the ubiquitous man about town, reports. Graham said he learned this from a local store manager, and called the Dairy Farm property manager for confirmation. Regarded in some admiring quarters as Sai Kung’s unofficial mayor, talkative Graham lives at Pak Tam Au with his dogs since the passing of his wife Wendy.
Here’s what Graham told BUZZ: “In Wellcome I was talking to a manager, who said, “Can I take a photo with you?’ I said, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘Because I think we are not going to be here much longer’.” Graham, who used to work for Dairy Farm as manager of a cattle farm, said he called the company’s property manager. The manager said the lease finishes after Chinese new year and the landlord is refusing to extend it for Wellcome. The landlord had promised the large site to ParknShop.
The small Wellcome supermarket is found in Lakeside Gardens, near Centro building where Fusion is

This will reduce Wellcome’s Sai Kung presence to just the little supermarket in Lakeside Gardens. But we expect Wellcome will be back when they find another big site. But where?

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  1. Regarding to the link below and all other promotions that New Year should be “Lunar New Year” as we Chinese and HKgrs won’t say it “Chinese New Year” because this new year is also applied in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea….etc.

  2. If Wellcome moves to the big ParknShop space, what might be the implications for Fusion in the Centro building. That building is by far the most convenient for parking.