Opening of waterfront hotel to be delayed until 2019

Architectural firm Aedas’s rendition of what the new 270-room hotel will look like

Sai Kung’s new waterfront hotel will not open until the first half of 2019, Alex Wong, an architect at ITC Properties Ltd, said. “We are still struggling.” Alex said Shaw Brothers and the other investors have yet to agree on ownership, name, decor and even numbers of bars and restaurants. Alex Choi of the ACD architectural firm is in charge of design, but has not been able to get agreement from the owners on how to proceed.
Retail and F&B investors may find opportunities there once the project’s plans are firmed up. The resort hotel will be five storeys, three above ground and two below. Alex said the shopping mall will be mostly F&B outlets, which will be leased to outsiders. The project’s total cost — land, architecture, construction, interior design and fit-out — is said to be about $2.5 billion. Rooms will number 270 and bars and restaurants “five or six”, Alex said. Will it be five star or four star? Again, not decided.
SAI KUNG BUZZ spoke to Raymond Chan of Shaw Brothers last year about the hotel. He said, “It will have lots of natural features, rocks, greenery, waterfalls. It will be more like a resort than a hotel.” Raymond confirmed ownership is held by Shaw Brothers and other investors, including ITC Properties, operator of Rosedale Hotels, which will manage the Sai Kung place.

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  1. No doubt the local and famous Sai Kung cows will denied entrance to one of their favorite resting spots. I suspect terrific pressure will be put upon Hygiene Dept to totally prevent the cows from accessing the waterfront promenade since cows do not coincide with ***** star hotels, except, perhaps in India.

  2. The Friends of Sai Kung managed to get this promenade hotel restricted to four stories despite later attempts to increase it to eight. However, attempts to increase the public open space in front of the hotel failed. I hope that there will be specific opportunities for the employment of Sai Kung people.