Money raised for five animal charities at benefit concert totals $22,079 as Momentai hands over $7009

by Roger Medcalf, Editor and Publisher

Niko Smirnoff of Momentai has handed over $7009 for the five animal charities benefiting from the December 13 concert. Combined with the money in hand, the event raised a total of $22,079.
Money was solicited from the public for the benefit of the charities with promises made to the public, so we should be publicly transparent and accountable. Here is where we are at:

Ticket sales for the event were 58 tickets @ $250 each. Total $14500
$88 from each ticket to charities $5104 total
Plus drink sales
Yardley x 15 @$60 = $900
LR Pale x 6 @$60 = $360
KBB APA x 5 @$60 = $300
Red x 5 @$25 = $125
Cava x 3 @ $30 = $90
Sauv Blanc x 2 @ $25 = $50
White x 2 @ $25 = $50
Xmas G+T x 1 @ $30 = $30
Total $7009

As previously reported $12,510 was realised from donations and by auctioning donated goods. A further $2,560 was handed in by Narelle Pamuk; this was net raffle ticket money.
The total of $22,079 is in my custody after receiving the money from Momentai yesterday. Today I will go to the banks to pay that money split five ways into the charities’ bank accounts. They are Sai Kung Stray Friends, Hong Kong Cats, Catherine’s Puppies, Sai Kung Lost Found Injured Animals and Home Dog Home. Receipts for all of these monies are in hand. Any member of the organising committee who would like to check them is welcome.

The total money raised by the first Sai Kung Animals Benefit Concert is disappointing. The organising committee decided they wanted to do an event before Christmas even if only as a trial run. There was just a few weeks organisational time. Dates available at Momentai were limited, so we ended up with a mid-week date too close to Christmas. Niko said the restaurant could not cope with large numbers so tickets sold had to be limited to 120.
On the plus side, it was a memorable night. The musicians were all polished and professional. MC Jim and Auctioneer Rob performed well.
Catherine Lumsden, Karina O’Carroll and friend

The admirable heads of the five charities (Debbie, Emily, Narelle, Sarah, Catherine) spoke with feeling about their animal care work to rounds of applause. By 10pm their massed supporters, well-lubricated, were dancing in the aisles.
We don’t know exactly how many turned up at the party for the animals, but it would have been somewhere between 100 and 150 coming and going during the four-hour event.
This year we will build on the modest success of the first Sai Kung Animals Benefit Concert and create a far better show with greater entertainment and raise far more money by more widespread fund-raising.

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