Minis and Colts rugby scene is heating up as Sevens season looms again

Players at the Zurich All-Girls Rugby Tournament

The Minis and Colts rugby scene heats up at this time of the year in the run-up to the Hong Kong Sevens. The biggest event coming soon is the Zurich All-Girls Rugby Tournament on 30 and 31 March. Players come from all over Hong Kong and many from the region. At the last event in 2017 a total of 800 girls played, in what is claimed to be the world’s largest such tournament. That year the big local rugby club, Stingrays, won the Under 12s.


Mini-festivals are held regularly during the season. Minis are rugby players 13 years or less. After that you become a Colt (up until 19). On 4 February there will be a Minis rugby tournament at Taipo as boys compete for the Richard Hawkes Cup and girls for the Kim Lam Cup. A few weeks later on March 18 there will be another Mini-festival at the Happy Valley HKFC. Then many of the players and their parents will be heading off to the Hong Kong Sevens, some to compete in the Mini-Showcase between the adult games and some to act as ball boys and girls.

Players from the Minis rugby tournament                   Credit:

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