Homeless scavenger's body found in abandoned house

Photographer discovers dead body in abandoned house. Photo: appledaily.com

The body of a homeless street scavenger was found yesterday (28 January) in an abandoned house on Clearwater Bay Road, Apple Daily reports. A photographer who said his hobby was shooting pictures of derelict houses told police he discovered the body in a bed in the basement of the house at the roundabout above Hang Hau. The dead man had very long hair and was known to the police as Kwok. He was 62.
The abandoned house, near Hang Hau roundabout, where the body was found. Photo: appledaily.com

The owner of the three-storey house had previously reported to the police that Kwok was living in his house.
The photographer found the body at about 3:00 pm. He called the police who sealed off the house and conducted a search. Police said Kwok had been dead for weeks.
Photo: appledaily.com

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