Hill section of ancient boulder path cleared by volunteer team

by Guy Shirra

Left to right: Jerry Sousa (all the way from Ngong Ping, Lantau), Guy Shirra (past Chairman Friends of Sai Kung), Rita Gourlay (Sai Kung Saturday Hash House Harriers), Carol Biddell (FSK Environment Officer), Katie Lewington with Sally the dog, Robert Lewington (Vice Chairman FSK)
Many thanks to everyone who was able to make it this time. We achieved our objective, clearing the top section of the ancient boulder road (Kowloon Walled City via Customs Pass to Ho Chung and on to Sai Kung) which we were unable to clear last year. It took three hours although the Lost Patrol took longer…
It was hard work and, unfortunately, a 15m section of the road had collapsed and users will still have to detour through the woods below before rejoining the road. Maybe we can get the government to restore it? Fat chance.
Having completed the top section, the three drivers (Guy, Carol and Robert) retraced their steps, clearing up as they went while Jerry, Katie and Rita valiantly elected to carry on down what Guy promised was the easy cleared section, well marked with tape, to meet up back at Robert’s pad for a well-deserved drink.

The drivers tucked into tea and biscuits by the pool but there was no sign of the Lost Patrol. Guy finally got Rita on her mobile and she reported that were lost but “following tape”. Rita sounded cool (she is a seasoned Hasher) but Katie could be heard in the background blaming Guy for their woes. Jerry could be heard just doing his thing, demolishing everything around him with the assortment of axes, saws and cutters he had lugged along with him.
They eventually returned for tea and what was left of the biscuits and a good time was had by all.
There is still a side trail to clear and some trail marking to be done; any volunteers?

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