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The case of the disappearing words

by Erathicus


The signs with the Government Land words painted over

​If you’ve travelled along Sai Sha Road recently you might have noticed some changes to the Government Land signs on​ both sides of the road near Che Ha and Ma Kwu Lam village​s. ​All the signs are unusually small and all have had​ both the English and Chinese words “Government Land” painted over.

Coincidently, this is the stretch of road which borders the massive, newly authorised, Sun Hung Kai housing project which runs roughly from Che Ha to Ma Kwu Lam. Questions are being asked as to what this all means. For example,​ on 22 December last year a letter was sent by a reader resident in the area ​to ​the ​Lands Department which reads:

“Several week ago, a number of ‘Government Land’ signs, smaller than usual, appeared along the north side of Sai Sha Road separating the road from a reported Sun Hung Kai housing development.

Several days ago, the signs were still there but the words ‘Government Land’, in both English and Chinese, had been painted out.

If this was not done by your department for some odd reason, then the action by persons unknown is Criminal Damage and as such it should be reported to the police for investigation”.​

No​ repl​y was received, so a reminder was sent on 8 January this year, and a reply received on 9 January from the District Lands Office in Taipo, with the response:
 “This office will conduct a site inspection to ascertain the management/maintenance party of the matter”.

Since then nothing.

Why the silence?

Did LandsD find out something they didn’t want us to know?

We deserve to know what’s going on.

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