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Vehicles parked illegally and permanently become a district-wide problem

Letter to the Editor

sheung sze wan road car park 2

Resident complains about illegal occupation of car parks on permanent basis in Sheung Sze Wan area Photo: Google Streetview


I hope you can bring this up with the police.  There are a number of car parks near villages such as Sheung Sze Wan, Tai Au Mun, etc. In the past those spaces were available for residents, who leave their cars near a bus stop and take public transport and the vehicles are moved on a daily basis. In the last 12 months those spaces are taken by vehicles permanently parked for weeks and months.

I have recently been fined for parking outside the marked parking spots, which I challenged on the basis that “permanently” parked vehicles did not get a fine. I have documented the case regarding the car park at Clearwater Bay next to the Sheung Sze Wan turn-off with countless photographs, which I can make available to the police. In the middle of November, out of eight spaces seven were permanently occupied by cars likely not belonging to local residents. At the moment four are still permanently occupied. Not a single fine has been issued, even after I complained to a police patrol unit, nor after I sent my letter to the traffic department of the police.

Peter Thuler

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