Two Sai Kung beaches get Grade 1 water quality grading

Silverstrand Beach               Photo: Wikipedia

On 8 December, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD)  released the latest grading of water quality for four gazetted beaches which are open all year round for swimming. Three beaches were rated as Good (Grade 1) and one as Fair (Grade 2).
Grade 1 beaches are Clearwater Bay Second Beach,  Deepwater Bay Beach and Silverstrand Beach. Golden Beach was demoted from Grade 1 to Grade 2.
An EPD spokesman said that the changes to Golden Beach are generally within the normal range of fluctuation of the bacteriological water quality of the beaches.
Under the present grading system, beaches are classified into four grades according to the level of E coli in the water. Grades are calculated on the basis of the geometric mean of the E coli counts on the five most recent sampling occasions.
The EPD spokesman also warned that beaches were likely to be temporarily affected during and after periods of heavy rain. Bathers should avoid swimming at beaches for up to three days after a storm or heavy rainfall.
A summary of beach grades is published weekly before the weekend. The latest beach grades based on the most current data may be obtained from the department’s websites on Beach Water Quality ( and or the beach hotline, 2511 6666.
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