Buronic comedy: Only relentless assault gets action

by Trevor Bailey

“Government servants have total vacancies in the space where most people have faces.”
— Ignatius J. Reilly
Guy Shirra knows how to twist ears, poke nostrils and give Chinese burns until he gets a reaction out of the faceless wonders. Guy, a former civil servant himself, is relentless, firing salvos over and over again at the sensitive parts of, for example, the FEHD’s inert carcass.

Now he reports victory. After months of prodding he has got the environment officials to clean up the unsightly mess at the entrance to the country park that stretches along the peninsula to Trio Beach and abuts onto the Lions’ Nature Park. Truckloads of old tyres had been dumped there and miscreants had been treating the area as a vast rubbish dump, distressing runners, hikers and dog walkers who love the park.
Ignatius, again, on government officials: “I told them I hope, for the sake of humanity’s future, that they are all sterile.”

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