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80 year old woman killed on Sai Sha Road


Photos: Wong Wai Man, HK01

An 80 year old woman was killed by a green taxi whilst crossing Sai Sha Road near Sai O village around noon today. She had been shopping and was crossing the road using a central refuge, when a green taxi hit the barrier and then hit her. She was dragged for several metres, and left seriously injured in a coma.

Sai O  village residents heard a loud noise, and the police rushed to the scene. Very quickly an ambulance arrived at the scene and took the injured woman to Prince of Wales Hospital, but she was eventually certified dead. Police officers investigating the scene were interviewing the taxi driver.  Left at the scene were a pool of blood, a gold watch and a bag of vegetables.


The victim’s house in Sai O Photo: HK01

It is understood that the deceased woman was surnamed Liu, a Sai O villager, now living alone. The site of the incident was just over 20 metres from her home. Some of the neighbours accompanied her to hospital after the accident. The children of the deceased are all in the UK. The victim had planned to visit Britain by the end of this month to be reunited with her children.

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