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Police raid marijuana manufacturing plant next to Clearwater Bay School and arrest five men

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On Boxing Day, police arrested two Vietnamese illegal immigrants at a three-storey Sai Kung house. This followed the arrest of two men in a black seven-seater van at a roadblock in Taipo near Ma Liu Shui on 22 December. They seized eight kilograms of hashish, worth about $200,000, which led them to a house in Taipo, also operating as a cannabis production plant. A fifth man was arrested. They are reported to be four Vietnamese and a Chinese.

In the Sai Kung house, officers found dried and semi-processed marijuana leaves, 564 pots and 10 bags of the drug, worth about $21 million.  They seized farming equipment such as lights, sprinklers and fertiliser. The two men arrested were aged 23 and 65.

A BUZZ reporter asked the police officer on the gate who would look after the five dogs (he saw only two), now that their previous carers look almost certain to get banged up.  An aging lance-corporal, he did not seem to understand.


Nang Ying Road with Shaw Brothers building

The gang members, presumed part of one of Vietnam’s drug cartels, rented the detached house. The red painted house is located in a secluded area with​​ a surrounding wall and fence, in  Nang Yin Road, off Clear water Bay Road, with private garden and parking. The road is near Shaw Brothers studio, while Nang Ying Road leads to the University of Science and Technology. it is also adjacent to Clearwater Bay School. So, even if traffic to the site is heavy, being a detached house surrounded by a fence and dense forest, with no other nearby residential buildings, it is difficult to be found. Five dogs guard it.

Local residents and those employed at Clearwater Bay School and UST have commented on their ignorance of the pot farm on social media.

Manufacturing marijuana is a serious offence under Hong Kong law with penalties of fines up to $100,000 and 15 years in jail

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