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Merry Christmas Sai Kung!


The accident at Pak Sha Wan Photo: Dave Park

At the start of the holiday season Sai Kung witnessed at least three traffic incidents over the past 24 hours.

First, a  35-year-old motorcyclist was arrested at Clear Water Bay Road in Sai Kung for allegedly assaulting a police officer and possession of offensive weapons. Police mounted an anti-speeding operation  near Ta Ku Ling San Village. They stopped a speeding motorbike rider and gave him a ticket. At this point he became agitated. He started his motorbike and rammed it in the direction of the policemen. Police officers later seized nunchuks from his bags. During the incident, a male police officer injured his hands and feet and was taken to hospital.

The motorcyclist, surnamed Liu, was arrested for assaulting a police officer and possession of offensive weapons. The case was referred to the Tseung Kwan O Police District Criminal Investigation Team for follow-up.

Secondly, late last night, four men were injured when their Fuji Subaru car ran out of control in the early morning on Tai Mong Tsai Road in Tai Wan Village and ran down a slope. After the accident, the four passengers climbed up onto the road waiting for rescue. The 22-year-old driver suffered chest pain and right hand injury, a 22-year-old male passenger head injuries, and a 25-year-old male passenger chest pain. All were sent to Tung Wah Hospital for treatment. The driver passed an alcohol breath test.

Finally (so far), this afternoon, a three car crash outside Hebe Haven Yacht Club in Pak Sha Wan – see photo –  brought Hirams’ Highway to a standstill. One person was injured.

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