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New school planned for office/factory building behind Esso petrol station

school building

The current building is used as office/storage space by Four Seas group            Photo: Google Streetview

A proposal has been submitted to the Town Planning Board to turn the industrial building in Hong Ting Road, behind the Esso petrol station, into a private school for 1,350 students. The building is currently used as offices and storage by the Four Seas Group, a public company registered in the Cayman Islands.

school site

The proposed site.                Map: Lands Department

The proposal has been submitted by Well Harbour (HK) Ltd., a newly registered company established just 9 months ago, and will provide for 30 classrooms. The plans show that the ground floor would be used for parking, loading/drop-off, the first, second and third floors for classrooms, and the roof for a garden and sports playground.

school roof

The plans for the school roof                 Plan: Landes Ltd.

One major objection to the site is the siting of the nearby high pressure town gas pipeline along Hiram’s Highway, the closeness of the petrol/LPG filling station and the Pak Kong Water Treatments Works. The developers, on the other hand, have highlighted the fact that no new construction would be needed to develop the site, and that this would lessen the impact of construction waste.

Details of the application can be found at


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