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14 injured in late night Mong Kok Rocket minibus crash

minibus 1

The wrecked red minibus Photo: Headline News

14 people were injured when a red minibus bound for Sai Kung from Mong Kok (the notorious Mong Kok Rocket) collided with a street sweeping/washing truck just after midnight last night. The accident happened on New Clear Water Bay Road just beyond Choi Wan Estate. The minibus is suspected of speeding to overtake and it hit the slow moving vehicle at speed.

minibus 3

The damaged washer truck       Photo: Headline News

The wounded were the minibus driver, and six male and seven female passengers. Some of them were sitting on the side of the road when the ambulances arrived. Most of the injured sustained feet and leg injuries and were taken to  United Christian Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital by ambulances.

minibus 2

the injured being treated by ambulance men    Photo: Headline News

The 59 year old driver was trapped in the cab, and had to be rescued by firefighters. The minibus had serious damage to the front, with the windshield  flying off. The washer truck was damaged and its 60 year old driver slightly hurt. The truck’s warning indicators were flashing, according to witnesses.

Police are investigating.

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