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One burglary, two thefts and an arson attack: Crime this week


Fire investigators, next to the car owner Photo: Hoodway

This week the police have reported one burglary, two thefts and a case of arson.

A vehicle caught fire at around 4:00 am this morning in Tin Shek Road near Hing Keng Shek Road, in Sam Fai Tin. Police received a report that a seven-passenger vehicle was alight and an explosion was heard. After the fire was extinguished, in about 15 minutes, the police discovered, after investigation, that the fire was suspicious. A piece of burned cloth was found near the left-hand side of the vehicle  and the incident was listed as arson. Police officers contacted the 30-year-old owner, surnamed Chan, who  said that he was parked on the site earlier this morning and were no suspicious persons around at the time. Police are investigating.

On 26 November, a three-storey village house in Mok Tse Che was entered via an unlocked sliding door. One laptop, and cash and jewellery estimated at $25,800 were stolen.

12 pairs of shoes were stolen from three village houses in Pak Kong Village on the night of 28 November. They had a combined value of $12,100. The culprit was a 50-60 year old man wearing a t-shirt, trousers and a cap. Around the same time a vehicle parked in Pak Kong Road was broken into by smashing the front nearside window. A rucksack, iPad and $2,520 in cash were taken.


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