Vicious rock-throwing attack on dogs at Ho Chung reported to police


Around 11:00 pm on 28 October a vicious attack was carried out on dogs in Ho Chung village. A man attacked four dogs a number of times, resulting in the dogs being injured; one had eye swelling and bleeding. The attack was videoed by a close by CCTV camera. The next day the villagers called the police.
According to the video, which is about half a minute long, the black and white CCTV film, shows  a man in one of the village open spaces, repeatedly picking up bricks from the ground. At least four dogs were involved in the attack; one  dodges to avoid injury, the other dogs immediately rush towards the man, and keep barking. The man gets angry and once again lifts a stone, and throws it at the dog. The dog is surprised and runs away.

The injuries to the stray dog      Photo: Hong Kong Animal Photos

A spokesman for the Police said that on 29 October a 31-year-old man reported that someone was throwing stones at his home in Hoi Chung Estate, Ho Chung, Sai Kung. When the police officer arrived, the complainant confirmed that his residence was not damaged. The case was initially classified as “complaints nuisance”. The CCTV was then published in the media, and also photos of the dog’s eye injury, suspected to be owing to an  attack. On 30 October Police returned to the site for further investigation. After examining the CCTV footage, the Police have classified the case as “cruelty to animals” and have referred it to the Criminal Investigation Team of Wong Tai Sin Police District. The dog has been sent to the vets for inspection. The investigation continues.
A spokesman for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals responded that at 3:00 pm on 31 October, a notice was received from the Sai Kung Police Station. They said that one of the young male dogs was found to have inflamed head injuries. He was  transferred to the SPCA for a detailed examination by their vets, and that a report will be presented to the Police as evidence.
SAI KUNG BUZZ has drawn the matter to the attention of Senior Inspector Michael Lai, operations chief at Sai Kung station. Michael’s predecessor, Max Yip, provided us with the text of the law on animal cruelty.  The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance (Cap. 169) says: “It is an offence if any person cruelly beats, kicks, ill-treats, over-rides, over-drives, over-loads, tortures, infuriates, or terrifies any animal, or causes or procures or, being the owner, permits any animal to be used, or wantonly or unreasonably doing or omitting to do any act, causes any unnecessary suffering or, being the owner, permits any unnecessary suffering to be so caused to any animal.”
If you see any cruelty to animals, you can email   In a serious on-going situation: 999.

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