So Soul Gallery in town centre closes as artist owner ponders future

Painter, poet and now sculptor Psyche Chong at the Helena May prize-giving.

Artist Psyche Chong reports good news and bad news: two of her poems have won Proverse prizes, but she has closed her Po Tung Road gallery.
Psyche said she had planned to move to London “for good”, so she shut down the So Soul Gallery and leased her Pak Kong flat. Now, however, “something has popped up” and she is unsure whether to go to the UK. Sculpture is her new passion and she has called a halt for the time being to painting exhibitions.

Psyche attended the prize-giving ceremony held by Proverse publishing house at the Helena May. Her winning poems are “Wake Up” and “New Sun”, which was written for the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China.

Wake Up

Murky room penetrated with dead air
Till a toot from downstairs
Piercing silence
The doctor said funeral be prepared
Not much time left

Left, I thread through the pack
Sunbeams sparkle peoples’ heads
Hips in tights are swinging
But I hear nothing
For now I go deaf

Deaf and I can’t stand
Something wants me to collapse
Air, I snatch
Nothing in my hand
I fall at the end

End, what’s wrong with that
Vaguely hear God reflect
“Forget your mortgaged shell
And ritzy bags
Come back”

Back, why want me back
Kindergarten bell has rung yet
On the ground I weep
Reach out to facebook the thousand friends
Twit who can I connect

“Connect a few, is that”
A voice said when I up my head
Unwittingly the sky has turned pale
Someone honks, waken me up to stand again
For the few I have


New Sun

You mourned
For your broken heart caused
by uncountable attacks blown
stripping all the leaves
Disenchanting your desired dream

You go forth
nakedly wailed in the wind
silently bowed your knees
So to end
the distraught terminal fist

Can you tell
How your wound will be healed
My love, give me a hint
as I’m lost in
what can I give

Replant you a twinned trees
Rebuild you a ranch cabin
Tightly hold your hands
Let not you grieve in the bleakness
I do everything for you, in my senses

And you, please
Believe your dream
Keep intact the spirit
Stretch out your arms
Embrace the bliss

The dark has gone
New sun ensues
This is the rule
with the other eternity
Is my consistency for you


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