Sai Kung's "Recycle Saturday" a great success

The two Carols (centre) with their other helpers

Sai Kung’s Recycle Saturday, run by the two Carols, Biddell and Ho, every first Saturday of the month, was a spectacular success last weekend.
They had a target of collection 1000 plastic and 1000 glass bottles. They achieved this, and more. They ended up with so many they did not have time to count. People were handing in polystyrene articles too. At the same time, some others were scavenging anything useful!
Some of the recycled items

Now that there is a glass recycler involved with the collection, and also with collecting glass bottles from the town’s bars and restaurants, there may be a way for everyone to do their bit for the environment; after all, who knows where the glass in the recycling bins in the villages goes?
The name of the black dog is Tong Tong, owned by Janet, our volunteer

The only problem is finding somewhere to store a month’s worth of bottles. For the next event they will also collect batteries, some cannot be recycled, but we will send for proper disposal.

Also on duty by the Temple Square was the EPD’s eWaste Truck. They were collecting old computers, monitors, TVs, CFL bulbs and other items containing dangerous waste products. BUZZ will alert readers when they are next in town, as there seems no other way to dispose of these items easily and safely. Dumping these items next to the village rubbish bins is not a good idea, but seems very prevalent in the area.

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