Sai Kung Live returns to Momentai on 2 December

Sai Kung Live return for another fun packed evening at Momentai on Saturday 2 December. The line-up is The Village Dogs from 8:00 – 9:15 pm, and then Urban Nomad from 9:30 – 11:00 pm.

village dogs
Village Dogs

The Village Dogs band, born and bred in Sai Kung, features Greg Foster and Larry Z.  This talented duo hussle up acoustic sets on a regular basis, wowing crowds at Bacco and previous Sai Kung LIVE gigs.  Their varied musical backgrounds enable them to put their own twists on classic tunes, and they continue to support local musical talent in their regular Showcase nights at Bacco.
urban nomad
Urban Nomad

Urban Nomad comprise Angelina Komar on vocals, Thomas Simillion on guitar, Matt Humphreys on bass, and  Jerry Zamora on drums.
Urban Nomad are a multinational band (members from Belgium, Hong Kong , the Philippines & the UK) based in HK. They have played at The Wanch, Peel Fresco, Orange Peel, Carnegie’s and HMV, and are now looking forward to playing at Momentai for the first time! Formed in December 2012, Urban Nomad covers a range of genres from classic to modern and alternative rock, pop, indie, funk and blues.   Their eclectic sound stems largely from the fact that every band member has different musical tastes, and rather than fight about what sound they should have collectively, decided for the sake of harmony to just do everything.  As long as it’s done well.

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