Man seriously hurt in paraglider crash at Long Ke Wan

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Paragliding at Long Ke Wan Photo: Tom Au Photos

A Hong Kong Paragliding Association student,  training at Long Ke Wan, Sai Kung at lunchtime yesterday 10 November, misjudged the height when he was ready to land at the beach.  The 56-year-old,  surnamed Cheung, began practising paragliding a year ago. Along with the coach and other trainees, he went to a more than 100-metre-high mountain for a practice session.
The injured paragliding student arrives at hospital rescued, wearing a neck hoop Photo: Ming Pao

At 12:40 pm, the coach watched the students fly from the mountain and saw Cheung flying down the hill to prepare for landing on the beach. The paraglider accidentally became caught in the trees and caused the parasail to become damaged and fall to the beach, which dropped by 3 metres. Other people on the beach rushed forward to see if they could help and called the police.
Cheung was still conscious at the time and indicated he was”not happy”; some of the other  students cut his underwear and checked the wounds. Police officers and an ambulance came to the scene to rescue him and he was taken to the Eastern District Hospital by helicopter.
Long Ke Wan is a popular place in Sai Kung to practice paragliding, due to flat terrain, stable sea breezes, and a long beach suitable for take-off and landing training.

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