FEHD ignores reports of fly-tipped mess at entrance to lovely hiking area

Photo: Guy Shirra

This fly-tipped mess is at an entrance to one of the most beautiful areas in Sai Kung, Tsui Hang country park. Joggers, hikers and dog-walkers go out there daily on the path that leads along the ridge of the peninsula. Some go as far as Trio beach. Rats gambol around the tyres, mosquito larvae breed in the water in them. The dog in the photo is Dougal Shirra.
The mess has been there for months, years in fact, at the end of Hong Fu Road at the back of the Tui Min Hoi Estate. Friends of Sai Kung’s Guy Shirra said he has reported the unsightly flytip at least half a dozen times to the “incompetent” FEHD.
BUZZ will be monitoring the situation to see how FEHD responds.

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