Dog reports: Successful search for lost Pointers, but Labrador succumbs to poison

Two dog stories have appeared in the last few hours, one much sadder than the other.  In the first the big-hearted people of Sai Kung come out in numbers to search for lost Pointers. In the second a woman tells sadly of the poisoning of her dog and issues a warning to all dog walkers in Ho Chung.
By Catherine Lumsden
On Monday, I received about ten calls and Facebook animal rescue pages were on fire about two Pointer dogs causing chaos on Tai Mong Tsai Road near the Beach Bar. Staff at the bar quickly caught the older dog (the father) but after 24 hours and more of endless searching the young 4.5 month old puppy was still missing! Kaz (O’Carroll) and I (full of flu) assembled a group of volunteers and on Monday until the early hours everyone was out in cars and on foot searching for the puppy.
On Tuesday while others were still out on foot searching nearby areas, Semirah Darwin happened to see a black and white blur deep in the bushes while glancing out of the car window.
The dog’s owner came quickly and within an hour he was safe and at Pets Central for a check-up with Dr Mike.
The puppy is stunning.

His owner isn’t a bad guy but has admitted defeat handling so many dogs, he is surrendering the family (mum, dad and pups) to Hong Kong Dog Rescue on Sunday in hope of them being adopted to families who better understand the incredible energy and playful nature of the Pointer breed.
All in all a stressful few days but a good outcome in the long run for a gorgeous puppy who had so many people worried and out searching.

From Amy Ruth Cladingboel
“My dog died last Tuesday because of malicious crazy people out there.” Amy wrote at first she thought it was snake bite then learned the black labrador had eaten what looked like a potato that was poisoned, while they were walking in Ho Chung. “Watch for suspiciously placed food on your walks.”

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