Cruelty to cats goes on in town centre: Emily appeals for help with mounting bills

The cat that “fell” off a roof in town and was injured. Now it is with the SPCA with bills rising past $5000. Emily calls it “Fuzz”.

Another cat has been injured “falling” of a roof last week in the town centre and bills for its treatment are piling up, surpassing $5000, Emily Allington, Sai Kung founder of Hong Kong Cats, said. This animal has scars on its body “like all the other cats in the area” because of boiling liquid thrown at them, Emily said. Cruelty has been going on at these buildings for months. We refer to the buildings that house Mushroom Bakery, Anthony’s Ranch and Cava*.
Emily Allington and friend

Emily said the SPCA is sending her the mounting bills for the cat’s care because she is recorded as having had the animal desexed. “That cat is still there (in the SPCA clinic)” Emily said. X-rays and consultation after the cat was first brought in by someone who found it injured cost about $2000. The vet took out some of its teeth because it wasn’t eating. Another $3000. And there are the hospital fees mounting daily.
Emily said she doesn’t get many donations. If you want to help see below.
“Strange things always happen in that area. People don’t understand that scaring the cats away won’t work. Because of the restaurants food is always available and the cats will come.” Emily is not sure how many cats are there. She has desexed about 15 and some have been died because of poisoning. Sai Kung police, who say they will not tolerate animal cruelty, investigated months ago but were unable to identify a culprit.
How many cats are in Emily’s care? “About 20 at any one time.” All are in foster homes. “Cats come in every week. I took in five yesterday” handed in by volunteers who find animals at Taipo construction sites.
“A lot of cats get dumped. Breeders throw cats out when they get to be about five years old. Pure breeds are a problem, exotic short hairs and long hairs: people don’t realise they can’t travel. Airlines refuse to take them because their flat noses mean they may have respiratory problems. So they get dumped.”
Twins available for adoption at Sai Kung’s Hong Kong Cats

Emily said it is always a struggle to pay the bills. Donations come in when people’s hearts are touched by individual cats’ suffering, such as the one bitten by a snake recently and another rendered blind by cat flu and too long without treatment. The Facebook site, Sai Kung Lost Found Injured Animals set up by Carol Biddell, is effective at rallying community support.
To donate to Hong Kong Cats: Bank of China (012)6170-003915-6
There are multiple other ways in which people can help: By adopting, fostering or volunteering. You can give pee pads, cat toys, medical supplies and sponsor individual cats. You can also feed and look after animals under the Cat Colony Care Programme.
For further information, or Facebook/hongkongcats.
* The names of these businesses are given solely so people can identify the buildings where the cruelty goes on.

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