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Four burglaries in Sai Kung over eight days

mok tse che

Mok Tse Che was hit by two attempted burglaries last week.    Photo: Google

There were a spate of burglary cases in the area last week. Four cases, two unsuccessful, were reported between 11 and 20 November. This followed a quiet couple of weeks for the crime squad.

On 12 November, between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm, a one-storey village house in Kei Pik Shan was entered by the culprit cutting the fence at the top of the slope, prizing the window open, and removing the window frame. The residents returned to find the bedroom ransacked. No property was stolen.

On 17 November, at 1:45 am, someone tried to force their way into a ground floor window of  a three-storey village house in Mok Tse Che. Luckily, the resident discovered what was going on, and the culprit ran off, up the hill.

On 18 November, around 3:00 am, at a three storey house in Habitat, a burglar forced open the front door, and took two laptop computers worth $20,000. They fled through the kitchen window.

On 20 November, another house in Mok Tse Che was broken into at around 2:00 am. Again, the resident interrupted the attempted burglary, and the culprit escaped.

The police are following up all four incidents.



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