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Special discounts and concessions on Senior Citizens Day next Sunday


Next Sunday, 19 November,¬† is Senior Citizens Day. And the Social Welfare Department (SWD) has organised a joint concessions programme with the local catering and retail sectors to offer special discounts and concessions to Senior Citizen Card holders. So there’s no excuse for all the old codgers reading BUZZ not do their Christmas Shopping that day.

Over 1 200 outlets throughout the 18 districts have pledged to join the programme and offer at least a 10 per cent discount or other concessions to holders of the Senior Citizen Card for their purchases on the event day. The participating restaurants and shops will put up the event poster  at prominent places for easy identification.

The Senior Citizen Card Scheme (SCCS) was launched by the SWD in 1994 with an objective to promote care and respect for the elderly. Under the Scheme, Senior Citizen Cards are issued to eligible Hong Kong residents aged 65 or above for them to enjoy the concessions or discounts offered by government departments, public organisations and private companies. The Scheme has gained wide support from different sectors of society since its implementation. More than 1.82 million Senior Citizen Cards have been issued up to now, and over 2 500 participating companies and organisations with some 8 000 outlets are providing a wide variety of concessions to elderly persons.

Details of the joint concession programme and participating restaurants and shops can be downloaded from the SCCS mobile application and are available on the SWD website:

Unfortunately this information is in Chinese only, but it does seem that Park n Shop, Fusion, Starbucks, and Wellcome are the only places in Sai Kung easily identified.

For further enquiries, please contact the Senior Citizen Card Office on 2152 2846 or 2152 2847 during office hours.

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