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Trailwalker endurance event to jam up parts of Sai Kung on November 17


This year’s Trailwalker starts at 7.30am on November 17 at Pak Tam Chung. Thousands of runners, hikers, supporters and officials will be clogging the area.

Last year 4581 people completed the 100km trail over some of Hong Kong’s most rugged hills within the required 48 hours. That means 89% of starters completed the endurance event, said to be the equivalent of four marathons. Team Nepal won in 11 hours 1 min. Stage 2 and 3 in the Sai Kung area are regarded as the most difficult, something local hikers fully understand.  Camps of back-up teams will be strung along the route at access points to the MacLehose Trail.

The Trailwalker began in 1986 and has raised $538 million, mainly for Oxfam poverty relief.



— Male team: Team Columbia in 2013 raced over the 100km in 10 hours 58 mins.

— Females: Team Blister, 2012, in 13 hours 53 mins.

— Mixed team: UFO, 2014, in 12 hours 52 mins.

— Veterans (over 50) Viibram HK 2012, in 14hours 1 min.

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