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Continuing road craziness: Another crash on Sai Sha Road and suicidal estate agents on Clearwater Bay Road

by Erithacus

sai sha 6

Sai Sha Road crash – cutting the driver out of the van Photo: Martin Nikolaus Feuersteiner

Once again Sai Sha Road was closed for an hour yesterday (6 November). Around 3:00 pm a medium goods vehicle collided with another van. Traffic was backed up between O Tau and Sai Keng.

The driver of the van was trapped for some 40 minutes before he was cut free by the fire services, and was taken to hospital.


The crash site Photo: Sarah Britton

This is just the latest in a string of accidents on both Sai Sha Road and Hiram’s Highway. Each time, road users to and from Sai Kung are delayed while the problem is cleared. As more road traffic is expected with the massive residential developments in Sai Kung town, so will the delays.


Estate agents at Mount Pavilia Photo: Mark Webb-Johnson

And if bad driving is not bad enough, we now have suicidal estate agents standing in the road outside Mount Pavilia, on Clearwater Bay Road. They are trying to get cars to stop so they can hand out flyers for the development. There have been many complaints in online forums about this, but they still continue. If the rate of accidents continue to increase, then it is only a matter of time before someone gets killed.

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