Two Carols and Milky to stage recycling promotion in Man Yee Square

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BUZZ editors hate these photos as much as you do. Stop using so much plastic and recycle what you do use. Photo: One Green Planet

The two Carols, who rank among the most active animal and environmental care advocates in Sai Kung, will host a recycling promotion day this coming Saturday, 14 October.  If you would like to support Carol Ho and Carol Biddell show up in Man Yee Square between 9:00 am and noon. If you are lucky you will meet Milky, Carol’s poodle and recycling mascot.
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Carol Ho is the admirable young lady who is known for standing on Sai Kung street corners with a microphone warning anyone who will listen about the mega-residential projects wrecking our district. Usually Milky is by her side and her husband. Carol doesn’t want us to run her photo because her campaigning has led to threats on Facebook.  Carol founded Sai Kung Project Concern Group and Vision Sai Kung.
Carol B co-founded Sai Kung Buffalo Watch, the volunteer group that looks after our cattle in tandem with vets and staff from AFCD.  She is also a committee member of Friends of Sai Kung and an Editorial Board member of SAI KUNG BUZZ.
Carol B said, “We are going to ask five or six restaurants to give us the glass bottles they collect over night. The idea is to show just how fast waste accumulates.  Also we are going to show how plastic needs to be separated into different types, because some can be recycled at present and some can’t. We will have bins so people can bring their glass, plastic, polystyrene and metal waste, such as batteries.”

Carol B said, “We will show people what happens to polystyrene that gets into the sea and breaks down mixing with sand and water. It is eaten by marine life and ends up in our food chain.” They will be encouraging people to set up glass collection points in their villages.  Information on recycling companies and the products they accept plus contact details will be handed out. “We will have a demonstration by Janet on how to make eco-friendly products.  Over all, it’s an education effort.”
The recycling promotion days will be held every second Saturday monthly and are organised by Vision Sai Kung with help from Friends of Sai Kung.
The two ladies ask for volunteers who feel passionate about recycling to join them in the promotion. Carol H can be reached at and Carol B at

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