Milky stars as recycling show staged in Man Yee Square

Carol Ho and Edith Lau

The two Carols staged a recycling promotion in Man Yee Square yesterday watched by old ladies sitting under the shelter in purple tops and black trousers. A blustery cold snap had struck overnight and the square was quiet. Milky, top poodle and No. 1 recycling mascot, made a guest appearance, posing for the cameras. Milky is a practised photographic model. She poses first with head tilted one way then the other, then the tongue pops out, curls round the nose and she looks at you knowing she is cute as hell.
Milky poses among recycling exhibits

Friends stopped by to support Carols Ho and Biddell. Julie Murphy and Edith Lau were among them. Michael, Carol’s husband, hovered protectively nearby. The girls display was suitably rustic: signs home-painted on cardboard, recyclable materials in bags, repeat-use shopping bags, a box of sand from Sha Ha beach showing how the polystyrene mixes in.
Julie Murphy, Carol Biddell and Carol Ho

The two Carols carried on in Man Yee Square for three hours, exhorting everyone who stopped to view their display to recycle. People patted Milky and many of them got the message. If you are going to try to do as little harm to the environment as Milky you will recycle.
The Carols plan to publish a list of recycling firms, what they handle and where to find them. BUZZ will assist.

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  1. Our next Recycling day will be Sat November 4th 9:00 – 12:00 in the Square, (Sha Tsui Path)
    On the same day the Government will be collecting computers, electrical appliances, light bulbs, batteries etc. at Yi Chun Street near the Temple from 9am.