Live music comes to Momentai, at last

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Sai Kung LIVE! just posted news about the first live music at Momentai, on the Waterfront, from 7:00 – 11:00 pm Friday, 6 October. To quote:

Welcome back to all music lovers in Sai Kung and beyond! As I am sure you are aware, S2 bar is now Momentai, the hottest new bar in town, with a new management, décor, menu, wine/beer list for your enjoyment. We will hopefully be organising gigs there first Saturday of every month November onwards. In the meantime, Momentai will kick off with a great show for you Friday evening, in their words: “the Jojoma Quintet will be doing a miniature residency and rocking the house like Steely Dan would do if Donald Fagen lost his voice. We’ve got two saxophone, a guitar, bass, drums, tons of beer and enough food to feed you a properly proper meal!”  Jim Lewis

For more detail:

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