Join the Sai Kung plastic and glass bottle recycling drive, 4 November

BUZZ has recently published a number of stories on the lack of recycling of glass and plastic bottles in Hong Kong. Only 10% of household plastic waste is recycled. In fact, one of the biggest plastic recycling businesses in Hong Kong closed in 2016 because it could not get enough material. Yet millions of single use plastic bottles are sold each day. A similar story can be told for glass waste too.

Now’s your chance to help resolve the situation. The two Carols, heading up the monthly recycling drive in Man Yee Square have done a deal with a recycler, and aim to collect 1000 plastic bottles next Saturday morning, 4 November, 9:00 am – 12:00 noon.

milky 2
You might even get to see Milky helping out!

They will also be collecting glass bottles. So, tell your neighbours and collect glass and plastic bottles and bring them along to the Square.
The two Carols  will have educational posters (hand made on used cardboard by Carol H), and a free  Friends of Sai Kung (FSK) bag to those who join FSK or Recycle Reuse Sai Kung Facebook pages.
Carol B  was contacted by a glass recycling company after the last event in October, and she is now working to get glass bottles collected from restaurants and bars in town – collected and recycled for free. She just needs 20 to join the scheme, and so far has asked seven and all have shown interest.
The EPD eWaste Collection Truck

The Environmental Protection Department have also announced that the e-waste collection vehicle will be in Sai Kung on the same day  collecting old computers, batteries etc.
For more information contact Carol B or Carol H on

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