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Nude calendar featuring Sai Kung males launches at Saturday parties


A nude calendar with the blokes’, ahem, naughty bits covered by workmen’s tools will be launched on 4 November with parties at several Sai Kung watering holes.

The “Tools with Tools” calendar was created as a fund-raising exercise for the Movember Foundation and Catherine’s Puppies. Cava and Jaspas, whose top executives star in the calendar, will supply some free drinks from 5:00 pm. The partying will also be going on at The Picture House and Cena.  You are encouraged to buy a calendar at $200 “for your mother-in-law’s fridge”.

Gabriel Dalton took the photos and Nikki Stones has designed the finished product.  The all-male models who cooked up the scheme when they had had a beer or 16 are Sing Lai, Doug Marshall, Paul Coyne, Steve Craze, Steve Dullard, Nat Eastment, Nathan Fleck, Andy Gulliver, Dion Houghton, Andy Lumsden, Jason Todd, Stuart Wadsworth, Andy Wright and Barney Wright.  The calendars will be available also at Kidnapped, The Hive, Butcher King and Sai Kung Sunday Market.


Wouldn’t you like to support these lovable little characters? Even better: adopt them! Catherine’s Puppies

Catherine’s Puppies is the home for abandoned dogs high in the Ho Chung hills.  The Movember Foundation raises awareness about men’s health, particularly prostate and testicular cancer.


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