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Suspected speeding car causes accident on Sai Sha Road

saisha crash 1

The scene in Sai Sha Road. Photos: HK01

This morning, around 9:00 am, on Sai Sha Road Road near Nga Yiu Tau Village, a 39-year-old man was hit by a private car travelling to Sai Kung, whilst he was crossing the road. The car travelled another 10 metres before stopping. The victim was badly injured, and was found lying unconscious near the vehicle. After the crash, several passers-by, including an off-duty fireman, called emergency services. The male victim, in a coma, was sent to the  Prince of Wales hospital in critical condition.

Locals are quoted in the Chinese media as saying that many cars over-speed along that stretch of road, assuming that the speed limit was 70 kph. According to the reports, the driver of the car stated  to the police that he understood the speed limit was 70 kph; but the maximum speed limit is actually 50 kph. In addition, the locals say that many people cross the road at that point, as there is a bus stop to Sha Tin on the other side, and do not always look properly before they cross, also contributing to accidents.


The vicitm can be seen in multi-coloured pants lying in front of the car’s left wheel. The man in dark shirt and jeans is bending over her trying to help


2 Comments on Suspected speeding car causes accident on Sai Sha Road

  1. Angela Comer-Lam // 24 October 2017 at 6:29 PM // Reply

    We have been campaigning for over 2 years to get a cross8ng at the Sai Keng Village bus stop, we started asking after the young boy was killed by a speeding driver over 2 years ago. The latest is the government said it will be done by 2019!!! When will they wake up and see how dangerous this road is. Why not put rib bling down before all the crossing places this slows cars down. How many more have to die?


  2. Any driver who thinks the speed limit on that road is 70km/h needs to re-take the test. It very definitely is not, as there is no sign indicating it is. All drivers should know that speed limit on HK roads is 50km/h unless otherwise indicated.


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