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The Buzz Fuzz report – 23 October 2017

Our weekly police crime alert for Sai Kung

see cheung street

See Cheung Street, Sai Kung Photo: Google Streetview

Three burglaries were reported in the past week in the Sai Kung area.

First, between 8:30 am and 2:30 pm on 16 October in Ho Chung Village, an iron gate on the rooftop of a four storey village house was forced open and a 2nd floor bedroom ransacked. Some jewellery and cash estimated worth $9,500 was stolen.

Secondly, at 10:25 pm on 18 October, at a three storey house in See Cheung Street, Sai Kung, burglars forced open a 2nd floor bathroom window, and made off with $50,000 worth of jewellery, watches and cash. The culprits were later arrested by the police and the property recovered.

Finally, at some time between 15 and 17 October a three storey house at Habitat, Hiram’s Highway was forcibly entered through a ground floor kitchen window. The culprit tried to remove a safe, but was unable to do so. The culprit escaped. The house was fitted with a burglar alarm, but the owners failed to activate it before leaving Hong Kong for a few days.


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