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Sarah Bent water colours on show in town

bent 1

Botanicals – Sarah Bent

bent 3

Sarah Bent

Water colours by Sarah Bent are in display at H Gallery now.  The beauty of Sarah’s work speaks for itself.

“I was blown away,” one gallery visitor said. “Very rare for art to whack me between the eyes. My wife and I walked through Tate Modern and we didn’t see a single painting worth looking at twice. But Sarah has got me hooked.”

The Sarah Bent show is on at H Gallery, first floor, 1 Wan King Path in town more or less above the Standard Chartered Bank. It is open every day, except Wednesday, from 12:00  noon until 4:00 pm and closes on 19 October. Sarah is an English lady who has lived in Hong Kong for over 40 years.  She has exhibited in Australia, England and USA along with many Asian countries.


bent 2

Goldfish – Sarah Bent

bent 4

Peony Pink – Sarah Bent

See    Or call Helen Boyd of H Gallery 9123 8664

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