16 people rescued in Sai Kung harbour area after big waves caused by tropical storm swamp paddle boards and canoes

Six people were rescued after being taken to Sai Kung opposite the sea water police base.Photo: Lin Siming/Headline News

During the time the Signal 1 signal was raised yesterday, two incidents occurred in Sai Kung harbour area.
rescue 3
Photo: Lin Siming/Headline News

The first occurred at 12 noon off Sharp Island, where six people, two men and four women, needed to be rescued by the marine police  and fire boats after their paddle boards were overwhelmed by waves from Tropical Storm Khanun.
Rescued men and women. Photo: Lin Siming/Headline News

Later in the afternoon. around 1:00 pm,  another ten people, nine women and one man,  were rescued off Steep Island after their canoes became swamped and the group separated. Again, marine police and fire boats rescued everyone, and no one was injured.
Rescue services reminded residents and visitors to be aware of potential strong wind and other warnings issued by HKO and other services before planning to venture out on the water.

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